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Su Hayward
27/01/24 08:32:05
All you want as a doggie Mom is for your baby to thrive and live a happy life - well, there is nothing more heart warming than turning the last corner on our way to daycare and my little Bella standing up straight and getting so excited because she knows she is going to join her pack for a day filled with chasing balls and running around with her pack. Chris who is one of the daycare dads tirelessly throws balls all day for Bella to chase which can be seen on the daily video updates which are amazing to watch! I can strongly recommend daycare for anyone who goes to work all day! It’s a safe and happy place for our fur babies to exercise, play and just be happy when you have to go to work. Vanessa is the most caring and loving person and does so much for the community! She finds homes for rescues and fosters many little doggies until she finds homes for them. Putting my little Bella into daycare has been the best choice I have ever made. Thank you Vanessa and Chris for giving Bella a second home and a pack.
Megan Brook-Sofianos
27/01/24 08:29:12
Doggie Den is a doggy daycare with the kindest staff who treat my boy like he’s their own. He absolutely loves playing with his friends, and the highlight of my day is watching videos that are uploaded of the dogs playing together.
Jill Vermeulen
27/01/24 08:10:33
Almost 2 years on from my first review and still very happy with Doggie Den. Maybe not as happy as my boys who seem to know the days they get to go and play, as they nag from early in the morning. Going on to 7 years and it is home away from home.
Elle Chapman
27/10/23 20:07:42
My little Duke, now a 4-month old Basset, is very clearly over the moon when he gets dropped off at Doggie Den. His excitement makes me soooooo jealous. The tail is wagging like crazy and he already knows the way into the property. When he gets picked up he is so exhausted he bearly makes it to the front door. I am not really in the position to pay for doggie day care but the dividends I see is undeniable. Yes, he is dirty and stinky as hell when he's done the day, but that tells me he has been playing his doggy guts out. Chris and Vanessa, the service you render is absolutely invaluable. I can not thank you enough.
Hannelie Viljoen
17/06/23 18:37:51
Dolla couldn’t be happier. This is her safe place during the day. She howls in the mornings to get out of the car when Chris fetches. Doggie Den is both my dog and my safe haven.
Theshnee Govender
17/06/23 18:23:24
Doggie Den is an incredible daycare run by amazing people, Vanessa and Chris always go above and beyond to show their love and care to all the dogs and to offer peace of mind to owners. My dog loves going to see his friends and play all day long, thanks to Doggie Den we have a well socialized friendly pup.
Ashleigh Jackson
17/06/23 18:17:29
Our little Otto jumps out of bed in the mornings SO excited for his day at doggie den. Chris welcomes Otto at the gate at the crack of dawn 6am. What a fun day in stall. We love to watch the daily videos of Otto playing with his mates. Otto is exhausted when we fetch him, far too much fun at doggie den. We know he is so loved and cared for. Thank you Vanessa and Chris.
Shaun Berry
06/06/23 17:38:25
Dear Vanessa,
This is long overdue, I wanted to express my utmost satisfaction and gratitude for the exceptional care you and Chris provide to Rambo.
From the moment I drop Rambo off at the Doggie Den, I was impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of your staff. They welcomed Rambo with open arms and made sure to address any questions or concerns I had regarding his care. Their knowledge and expertise gave me confidence that Rambo is in good hands.
Once again, thank you for your outstanding service. Rambo and I look forward to his visit to the Doggie Den.
Warm regards,
Anne Hanggi
22/04/23 22:16:00
Vanessa, who runs the Doggie Day Care is simply the most extraordinary human ever. Her love and compassion for dogs is quite amazing and the dogs have a ball! I will forever be grateful for the new edition to our home: a puppy with the heart of a lion!
Brendan Hull
22/04/23 22:12:45
Our dogs love interacting and making friends with the other dogs at Doggy Den. Vanessa cares about all the dogs visiting her and the videos always give everyone peace of mind.
Annette Erasmus
22/04/23 22:10:35
Best doggie day-care in the world. Vanessa is an absolute dog fanatic and Chris the dog-handler an absolute fabulous dog-whisperer. Great people, great dogs and great place. I will recomend their service to all. How lucky I am to have met them and I completely trust them with my dog-children.
Kay Kotzenberg
11/04/23 07:10:28
My pup goes 5 days a week because he loves it so much. The owner is simply incredible, so knowledgeable about all things doggo related and with an incredible love for all animals. I can recommend Doggie Den 🐕.
Gavin Coetzee
13/01/22 13:06:35
Vanessa always takes care of my scottie and has always looked after him. Can always rely on her to care for my dog. Highly recommended
Laura Farina
12/01/22 15:17:33
I'm very grateful to Vanessa and Chris for taking good care of my 15yr old Foxy, they assisted with carrying her up and down the stairs until she figured out how do tackle it by herself. Nothing is too much effort and the daily videos give me peace of mind. Thank you Doggie Den.
Vanessa Duckworth
11/01/22 12:54:44
I have two words to describe for Doggie Den: Absolutely Amazing.
I take my Yorkie X to DoggieDen once a week, my Yorkie loves it. The videos and pictures that Vanessa sends, shows the love and fun that all the doggies are shown. Vanessa and Chris are amazing.
Kate Ferguson
11/01/22 10:39:34
Home away from...if not better!!!! My dogs love being at Vanessa. They adore her and adore being with all their friends. It is also thanks to Vanessa that we got an early detection of bladder cancer in 9ne of our dogs. She truly loves them like her own ❤
Leeanne Meyer
03/07/21 17:22:07
I just love taking my precious Sophie to Vanessa. She is normally a little apprehensive to go but when I see the videos of her playing and having fun I know I’m doing the right thing. The funniest thing: on the play date night she is completely exhausted and literally goes straight to bed. Thank you Vanessa !!!
Lorraine Usher
29/05/21 20:16:29
Our Scottie go’s once a week to doggie den, she has a lovely time playing with all the other dogs and it helps to keep her socialisation skills up to date! The constant video’s are great , I am amazed how well behaved so many dogs can be, many thanks to Vanessa and Chris.
Tania Van Zyl
29/05/21 12:56:49
Our doggie loves going to daycare. It is her favourite day of the week. Love seeing her so social and enjoying her play with lots of update videos to see during the day. Best daycare.
Jill Vermeulen
29/05/21 11:20:22
4 and a half years and my boys still love going to DoggieDen.
Thanks to Vanessa and Chris for taking such great care of them and for all the videos.
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