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Venita Davidow
15/02/18 10:49:53
I absolutely love the concept of Doggie Den. Its the best decision I ever made. Duke and Patches are so content and look forward to going there every day. They are exhausted after a full day and fully occupied and very well looked after. I feel so content knowing that my babies are in a safe environment. Thumbs up! The videos and photos make my day as I dont feel left out on their daily antics.
Christelle Jordaan
16/12/17 14:10:36
Bailey loves it at Doggie Den. Thanks for treating her like your own.
Hein van Zyl
16/11/17 16:37:01
Doggie Den has made my little princess famous and more energetic. With that came an increase in love from out little Contessa. Thank you for taking care of our baby and unlocking her inner awesome.
Tina Nowack
16/10/17 17:40:38
Hi! I just love Doggie Den! My little yorkie Sassy is super happy there, and so am I. I have discovered that Sassy likes water and goes nuts with the sprinklers! Doggie Den has changed Sassy's and my life! She has become more confident and now socializes well when I go to the pub!!!! The videos are great and I can just laugh and laugh about what Sassy and the other dogs are up to. I would recommend Doggie Den to anyone. Thanks Doggie Den.
Belinda Lewis
28/08/17 21:56:03
My furkids Ani and Ozzy love the fun and games at Doggy Den and they come home happy and exhausted. And I love the update videos of the dogs playing with each other, they brighten up my day.
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