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John John
06/02/19 15:50:44
Hi There.
Just wanted to share with you that when I collected my dog on Monday I had my child in the car with me. I got out the car and got my dog from your dog handler and started putting her in her doggy seat. By the time I had clipped her in I turned around and realized I was in a very compromised position with 3 gentlemen walking directly behind me. Once I had watched them walk by I saw your handler standing at the gate with a watchful eye.
I most certainly do not expect this of him but very much appreciate the moment he took in the interest of my families safety.
I am and was extremely grateful for him in that moment. Please extend my warmest thank you. Again I want to reiterate that I do not expect this from your business or him at all. But thank you very much.
Ed Hoffmann
04/01/19 19:19:21
Gracie loves Doggie Den and is so excited to go to School every morning. The moment she hears "let's go to School" she rushes off to the car with her tail wagging and jumps onto the seat ready to go. Thank you for all the effort you go to for us and Gracie. Doggie Den is highly recommended
Jeanne-louise Steyn
04/01/19 10:40:08
I would definitely recommend doggy den as Vanessa and her team do an amazing job! Vanessa always goes the extra mile and ensures I'm kept up to date daily with my dogs activities and overall health. Kei is really attached to Vanessa and her team and is always excited to see them. I'm extremely happy with their service as I know Kei is safe and is being looked after properly.
Neeresha Pillay
04/01/19 10:13:36
Vanessa and her team are wonderful! My baby always comes back very happy and super tired! That’s how I know he had a good day :)
Shavonne Waldeck
04/01/19 09:56:29
Wonderful place, my doggie loves it
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