Dogs left alone often feel bored and abandoned and can resort to destructive behaviour, get themselves hurt, or annoy the neighbours by howling and barking all day long. They might even be able to escape from the property. 

At Doggie Den your dog will be under constant supervision in a safe and escape proof garden. Whether you want us to look after your dog on a regular basis, or just occasionally, all dogs get the same great experience.


You might have a dog who is recovering from an operation or injury or needs medication and there is nobody at home to take care of him/her. 

Dogs with special needs will be addressed on an individual basis and can be enrolled and taken care of while they recover. Doggie Den does not charge for taking care, keeping your dog seperate from other dogs, or for administering medicine - this service is included in the daycare cost. 

Please note however that all vaccines MUST be up-to-date and your dog must be free of parasites and any contagious illness.


If you are are selling your house and you don't want your dog to be startled by people passing through during a show day then your dog is welcome to pay us a visit until the show day is over and he/she can return home happy and confident. This would also mean that prospective buyers could have access to all sides of the property and not be restricted from areas where dogs are locked away.

In addition we can care for your dog while you are moving and after all is settled and unpacked you can collect your dog.


Should the need arise for you to go out of town for the weekend, arrangements can be made for your dog to stay over.